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Veritas Legis is headquartered in New Delhi. It represents clients such as Electricity Power Generators, Chambers of Commerce, Industries Associations, Publication and Media Houses, IT & ITES MNCs, PSUs, Engineering and Procurement Companies, in various Courts/Forums as well as in Arbitration Proceedings. With experience in Corporate Litigation for more than 20 years and presence in the major cities of India, Veritas Legis has developed enormous capability to represent and conduct the interests of its Clients in varied fields and locations.

Core Team

The Partners and Senior Associates form the core of Veritas Legis. All cases and assignments are conducted by teams with Senior Associates heading them. The Partners give the final approval on each case or assignment.


Principal Partner



Principal Partner








Dr. Keerti Gupta



Devahuti Tamuli

Senior Associate


Ekta Pradhan

Senior Associate


Sania Perween



Practice Areas


The firm handles disputes resolution as well as conciliation, both under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act and International Arbitration Laws. This area of practice involves conciliation process, preparation and filing of claims/counter-claims/objections before the appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum.


This area involves disputes resolution before Arbitrators, litigation before the Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. It also involves issues of Power purchase agreements, ERC/ARR applications under the Electricity Act, legal audits and due diligence.


The firm also has a practice in the Infrastructure sector. This area of practice relates to issues in real-estate, National Roadways contracts, housing development, construction and development contracts, Engineering and Building contracts, EPCs etc. Related aspects such as land acquisition and requisition, zonal Regulations and Bye-Laws etc. also come under this area of practice.

Natural Gas and Petroleum

This area involves Litigation/Dispute resolution before Courts and Arbitrators under the relevant Petroleum and Natural gas laws. It also includes issues of Special Economic Zones, EPC Contracts, Conditions of license, Storage and Distribution in the field of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Intellectual Properties

The firm handles all legal action relating to intellectual property rights before the High Courts, the Supreme Court, District Courts as well as before the Registrar of Trademarks & Copyright, and the Controller of Patents & Designs at the relevant jurisdictions across the country. The firm files and handles patents, copyrights, trademarks and designs for the clients in India and abroad. We also advise on IP protection, enforcement, strategic management and valuation.


This area involves both direct & indirect taxes. The firm assists its clients in issues of income tax, GST, Service Tax, VAT, MAT, Advance rulings on taxes etc. Implications of levies, exemptions etc. under taxation laws and other exempting laws.


Handling & settlement of disputes in the telecom sector primarily before the TRAI, TDSAT, High Courts, Supreme Court & Arbitrators are offered by the firm. This sector involves both cellular/telecom related issues as well as broadcasting related issue.

Criminal Law

Complaints and cases against corporates as well as directors, cases arising out of employer-employee disputes, workplace related issues, Customs and Enforcement Directorate cases etc. are some of the areas that the firm offers its services to its clients.

Labor & Service Law

This involves advice and guidance during the process of conciliation before the Labor Commissioner/Conciliation Officers; litigation before the Industrial Tribunals/Labor Courts, High Courts & the Supreme Court of India; Setting up of processes and procedures that are compliant with the statutory mandates under the Labor and Service Laws; assistance in setting up processes during disciplinary enquiries and internal employee-employer disputes; drafting/vetting of documents relating to employment, payroll, agency. The firm also advises its clients to set up process and procedures that are compliant with the mandatory requirement under Labour & Service Law matters.

Our Services

Litigation Services

Veritas Legis provides litigation services to its Clients in Appellate Courts like the Supreme Court of India, the High Courts of Delhi and Karnataka and the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, New Delhi. Its practice also involves litigation in areas of civil disputes including Breach of Contract, Tortuous Compensation and Damage Claims, Specific Performance, Money Recovery, Land and Property disputes, Writ remedies pertaining to labour law and service matters, Company law and Commercial litigation, Arbitration and Conciliation, Consumer disputes and Criminal law.

Supreme Court of India

High Court of Delhi

High Court of Karnataka

High Court of Andhra Pradesh

National Consumers Disputes Redressal Commission

Appellate Tribunal for Electricity

Electricity Regulatory Commissions



Labor Commissioners | Industrial Tribunals & Labor Courts | CSTAT | NCLT | NCLAT

Competition Commission | Authority for Advance Rulings

National Green Tribunal | Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal

Non – Litigation Services

ADR, Conciliation & Negotiation

The firm provides services of disputes resolution under the Indian as well as International Arbitration Laws, Conciliation and negotiations. Resolution of disputes arising from breach of contracts, Tortuous Compensation and Damage Claims, Specific Performance, Money Recovery, Land and Property, Labor & Service disputes, are also undertaken.

Corporate Advisory

The firm provides complete advisory services on its clients, including issues arising in the normal course on issues of employment laws, contractual obligations and interpretations, labor and services related issues, real-estate aspects, advice on planning and strategy during imminent claim period for keeping the client law-compliant.

Processes and Procedure Building

The firm sets up process and procedures that are compliant with the mandatory requirement under Labour & Service Law matters. Services of ensuring statutory compliance under Companies Act, Corporate Laws and local Municipal laws are also provided to the clients.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

The firm handles corporate mergers, de-mergers, amalgamations, acquisitions and joint ventures. Apart from the services of petitioning the concerned authorities and the High Court, the firm also provides services of preparation of schemes of amalgamations/mergers.

Technology Transfer and Outsourcing

This involves agreements and contracts on development and commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights on technology, option & evaluation agreements, Research agreements, MTUs (Material Transfer & Use), confidentiality, agreements relating to consultancy and employees, Revenue sharing, Intellectual Property warranties etc.


The firm assists its clients in issues related to Software Technology Park registration, 100% foreign equity, tax incentives, duty-free import, duty-free indigenous procurement, CST reimbursement, DTA entitlement, deemed export etc. Issues relating to incentives to and impacts on the units in Special Economic Zones both under the Central Government and various State Governments, are also dealt by the firm, for its clients.

Document Building

The firm’s clients can avail services of drafting of contracts, deeds, and License agreements, Legal Opinions, Due-Diligence, Legal Audits etc.



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